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Sunland Steel Works Inc.

Friendly Service, Quality Workmanship, On Time


Allen Penner, Owner and Operator

We provide a full range of steel work services from the design stage, to cutting, bending, welding, and up to the finished product.

Steel Work Products More about Sunland

Specializing In

  • Custom Welding & Manufacturing
    • Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
    • Any custom project, large or small
    • Any sized parts or assemblies in large or small volumes
  • Steel Sales
    • Many standard shapes & sizes in stock
    • Parts on order arrive in just a few days
    • Full length or cut and shaped to your requirements
  • Custom Design
    • 3D parametric design software
  • Breaking and Bending
    • Sheet metal bending up to 8 feet wide
  • Shearing and Cutting
    • Bandsaw cutting
    • Shearing
    • Plasma cutting
  • Machining

Also Providing

  • Laser Cutting
    • Clean appearance, high precision
    • Highly economical
  • CNC Plasma and Water Jet Cutting
  • Sheet Metal Forming and Rolling
  • Pipe Bending and Rolling
  • Painting, Powder Coating and Galvanizing